Consort. A brand refreshed.

If you want to start bursting bubbles, all you need is some sharp insight.

Recruitment is recruitment is recruitment.

Not true. One size doesn’t fit all and Consort’s model of innovating within a very formulaic, process driven market has yielded some large results from applying some pointedly different thinking.

Out of several strategy evaluation meetings and creative sessions our vision and approach was born in the phrase ‘recruitment redefined’. The Motive ‘big idea’ is something that unfailingly drives our clients brand expression to great heights with it’s decisive clarity, singular expression and consistently powerful delivery. Simplicity and focus are not an accidental partnership but are honed through our teams’ collective 45 years experience in the branding arena.

Alongside helping to develop a new brand positioning, identity and visual brand assets we reviewed Consorts current website to make it more of a client centric experience which validated their innovative offering.