Love your
TV more.

Helping to make HDHomeRun the number one TV choice.

SiliconDust (makers of the innovative HDHomeRun family of products) are leaders in the field of TV Tuners.

Whether it’s over-the-air or cable, their products let you watch your favourite programmes on your computer or smart devices anywhere in your home. And you can record it too, with their range of Digital tuner and recording products. Innovation all in one box.

Their CEO, Theodore Head, came to us with his vision for new branding which we helped realise for them. More aspiration, more clarity and more emotion. It was time to Love your TV more.

We worked on all aspects of the new message, from re-visiting the company logo, design, build and management of the website, new packaging and all printed sales collateral, through to building the international web shop, creating presentations and delivering visuals for their social media to really help drive sales. Sales steadily increased year-on-year as a result.